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Vicky Etherington

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Without customers, your business will struggle to thrive. Before you get traffic though, you need a system to turn visitors into prospects and customers.
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Need a WordPress site?

Get a website which generates qualified prospects for you. All our sites are built using WordPress, are mobile responsive, search engine visible and include a good dose of marketing expertise.

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If you want to understand how to improve your existing website yourself, I offer jargon-free courses to transform your current WordPress website into a traffic generating sales machine.

Valued feedback


“Vicky is so capable, she listens, reacts with the speed of lightening and 100% accuracy and having taken the brief created and reworked, and finally tweaked with perfection. We are extremely happy not only with the final product but sheer pleasure of dealing with Vicky. I would recommend Azure Marketing without doubt or hesitation.”
Emily Aldrich, Aldrich & Company



“We are a children’s nursery and our website is a very important part of how we build and maintain our reputation. The main reason we chose Vicky at Azure Marketing to help us create our new WordPress site was because she focussed on our business needs as much as our design requirements. Throughout the process Vicky made invaluable suggestions about not only the look and feel of the site, but also how to best present ourselves to the online world. As a result our new website is already receiving more traffic than we imagined, whilst at the same time giving us a better understanding of what promotes new enquiries and bookings.”
Lewis Wood, The Wishing Tree Nursery, Brighton



“I am really impressed with the work you have done on my new website. Your untiring dedication to the project, understanding of my needs and sensitivity in dealing with them, the ease and readiness you have to pass on your knowledge, and above all, your patience, have all gone to make my experience of working with you an absolute delight.”
Loretta Quartey, Carpet Bags



“She has been patient with my lack of IT knowledge, timely and efficient, but has also understood my other commitments and has worked totally around my requirements. I am delighted with the new website and Vicky’s suggestions all through the design process have made it better than I had ever hoped. I would not hesitate to recommend Azure Marketing to anyone looking for a really professional website.”
Sarah Steel, The Old Station Nursery



“We couldn’t have asked for more in terms of responsiveness – thank you for your constructive advice and professionalism throughout the project. Since then, you have been an on-going source of knowledge and ideas as we have continued to develop our own and our client’s businesses and, might I add, unfailingly helpful and timely.”
– Geoff Ledger, Licensed Solutions –

Blog posts in response to your most common questions

Every week, I offer a limited amount of slots to talk to entrepreneurs just like you, to find out what their biggest struggles are, and work out a plan to help them. Questions asked in these calls often lead to my next blog post. Honestly, you will learn so much if you dig in and implement just one or two of the tips you discover in these short articles.

How I increased my Twitter engagement by 400% in 2 weeks

I’ve never really taken to Twitter. I don’t like tweeting and I don’t really get it. And I certainly don’t have time for it. I have a Twitter profile – have had for years – but I’ve never done anything with it. Then, a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a new tool. I... read more

Why Your Business Needs 3 Traffic Sources

Do you know what your most reliable traffic sources are? So many people tell me and maybe you’ve even said it before: “If only we had more traffic, I’d make more sales” If it were only as simple as that! The truth is,  business owners who say... read more

How To Use Facebook Graph Search To Grow Your Business

Do you use Facebook to reach customers or as a way to grow your online reach? If you are, then you’ll want to make the most of Facebook Graph Search. Even though there is talk of phasing it out, this is still a powerful tool for you to use. Tip: Graph Search... read more

Online Reviews: Why They Matter And How To Get Them

In the online world of cowboys, scams and untrustworthy businesses, online reviews for businesses are becoming more powerful by the day. In today’s article I’m going to show just how important online reviews are and how you can get them. But who really... read more

Quick Actionable Steps To Lower Your Website Bounce Rate

Lower website bounce rate Bounce rate refers to the amount of users who land on your website and leave without visiting any more pages. A high bounce rate (usually 60% and above) is bad for business. Why? Well, if users are leaving your website as soon as they arrive,... read more

3 Easy Ways To Build High Quality Back Links

Understanding the importance of high quality back links If you’ve been taking action on a few of my SEO related articles (here and here), at some point you’ll need to build links back to your website. The more quality links you have pointing towards your... read more

How To Use Twitter Cards To Generate Leads And Sales

Twitter has a little over 400 million users, produces more than 500 million tweets per day and is an extremely useful advertising channel for small business owners. If you use Twitter but struggle to reach your audience, in today’s article I’m going to... read more

3 Ways to Spam Proof Your WordPress Website

A pet hate for a lot of people using WordPress is the amount of spam comments they receive on a daily basis. Within a few days of setting up a website, if you don’t install the correct plugins, you will start to receive hundreds of spam comments every week. In... read more

4 Easy Ways to Get Started With Google Search Console

Google Search Console (formally known as Google Webmaster Tools) is an all-in-one management tool that helps you monitor your website performance and SEO efforts. At first glance, the tool may look intimidating to use, but in the next 3 minutes I’m going to show... read more